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Famous Women Who Where Murdered Throughout History

On August the 2nd 1969, the beautiful American actress and model Sharon Tate was killed inside her house, in Beverly Hills. The killers where members of the Manson family, who where a desert commune and a cult that was formed in California in the late 1960s Led by the mass murderer Charles Manson.

Sharon was 26 years old and eight months pregnant ! She was killed along with three friends who were visiting at the time, and an 18 year old visitor. When the killers arrived on the property after midnight they encountered the car driven by Steven Parent, the 18 year old who had been visiting, one of the killers shot him 4 times in the head. Wojciech Frykowski was also a victim who was hit with a sharp tool on the head and stabbed 51 times, his girlfriend was killed as she was with him at that moment. Hairstylist Jay Sebring was shot and stabbed seven times. Then they stabbed Sharon Tate 16 times while she begged them to spare her life till she gives birth.

Charles Manson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, Charles ‘Tex’ Watson, and Patricia Krenwinkel where all sentenced to the death penalty but then there sentence was commuted to life in prison in 1972 when California’s Supreme Court abolished the death penalty.

On March 31, 1995 the Mexican-American great singer Selena Quintanilla Pérez, was laying against the lobby floor of Days Inn Motel covered in thick blood from her neck to her knees. As Richard Fredrickson, the paramedic, whom arrived at the crime scene after to minutes of her collapse, he already realized it was too late to save Selena’s life because she had lost too much blood.

The motel staff confirmed that Selena and her fan club manager Saldívar, who had also been entrusted with managing Selena’s fashion and jewelry stores where arguing very loudly. Some witnesses stated that Selena told Saldívar she was no longer trustworthy, this may have been what let Saldívar act upon her cruel intentions by shooting Selena. The bullet severed an artery in Selena’s lower right shoulder, Selena ran from the room her killer was in, screaming “Help me! Help me! I’ve been shot!” Saldívar pursued Selena through the hotel repeatedly calling her a “b*tch.” Selena made it to the lobby, where she begged the staff to keep Saldívar away, saying, “Lock the door! She’ll shoot me again!” The few bystanders were shocked as they watched the bleeding woman collaspe. Selena stayed conscious long enough to tell motel staff, “Yolanda… 158.” She identified her killer and her room number before passing out. After rushing Selena to the Corpus Christi Memorial Hospital emergency room as their staff helped Selena recover an erratic heartbeat and started giving her blood transfusions. Doctors spent more than an hour trying to repair the damage that one bullet caused, but they were unsuccessful and pronounced her dead at 1:05 p.m. Saldívar attempted to leave the motel property, but a police officer stopped her. Saldívar was sentenced to life in prison with no eligibility for parole until March 2025.

Selena’s death ingrained her status as a cultural figure.

On the night of Dec 10 1986, the 59 year old American film and television actress Susan Cabot was found across her bed in a blood-soaked nightgown. Cabot who had been plagued by mental and emotional problems, was beaten to death by her son !

Roman Cabot, a 25 year old art student, tearfully testified that his mother had attacked him the night of her death with a weight lifting bar the same weapon police said was used to kill her. He said his ailing mother was delirious and did not recognize him that evening. Roman also testified that he could not remember if he used the bar to strike back and kill her, but admitted hiding the bloody instrument in his clothes hamper. Roman was born a dwarf and took steroids and other drugs to stimulate his growth to his current 5-feet-4 inches height. Defense lawyer Chester Leo Smith argued that Roman’s mental capacity was dimished by side effects of the growth hormones he was given as a child.

Roman remains free on $25,000 bail.

February 11 2012, was not an ordinary day like the rest of the days in the arts industry. At the dawn of the day, the 48 year old pop singer and actress Whitney Houston, was found dead face down in a water filled bathtub with drug paraphernalia near by in her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.Leaving behind a major success in the music industry but also drug addiction and alcoholism. Since then, the world media has begun to speculate on the real reasons behind the death of the singing legend. It was said that she died of drowning and overdose. However, the rumors about the reasons behind the star’s death seemed to increase.

In March, a private investigator received numerous phone calls and e-mails from people claiming to be relatives of Houston, demanding a re-investigation of the incident because they suspected her death was the result of a murder and not for any other reason. After receiving new evidence confirming that Whitney Houston was not dead but killed, private investigator Paul Hubble said the singer star was killed because of the accumulated debt of 1.5 million dollars that a major drug dealer sent killers to collect from Whitney. As for the report’s revelations Whitney had injuries on her forearms and hands, Hubble claimed these are consistent with her having a pretty nasty struggle and consistent with classic defence wounds. There were bruises on her arms and shoulders, a cut on her upper lip, scrapes to her nose and forehead, and lacerations to her scalp. Paul Hubble had videotaped a surveillance camera at the hotel showing two people, possibly entering the star room, proving that she might have died at the hands of the drug cartels and that the videotape was handed over to the FBI.

Yet Paul Hubble told the National Enquirer he believed the police and coroner were “happy to sweep Whitney’s death under the rug, calling it accidental and closing their investigation.”

On January 18 1947, Elizabeth Short who was known as The Black Dahlia was murdered in a very savage way.

The 22 year old american actress was found sliced off from the waist and half naked on a side walk people thought it was a mannequin as her body was drained from blood and her remains had been cut in half. Each half had been placed around 10 inches apart and her mouth slashed ear to ear in the manner of a terrifying clown.

A post-mortem suggested that Elizabeth had been tortured before she was killed. She had been forced to eat faeces, her organs including her uterus and intestines had been removed. Her killer had also washed her remains, including her hair. It was clear from the disposal of the body in such a public place that the killer wanted his grotesque handiwork to be found. This element of the murder was to persist throughout the investigation as he sent a package of her clothes and mocking letters to the media, signed the ‘Black Dahlia Avenger. Elizabeth’s death became a warning for women who went to Hollywood in the 1950s seeking fame, fortune or possibly a rich husband. As Elizabeth was young and with little money she was known to hang around men for a free meal or a ride home and had a carefree lifestyle. Police officers at that time referred to her as a tramp and a slut, and came just short of saying she deserved it !!

Her portrayal in public slowly changed from innocent victim to a woman who went home with and entertained the attentions of men. Elizabeths murder became an unsolved cold case, until a British author named Piu Eatwell believed she has solved it by gathering allot of evidence and official documents, such as the Grand Jury’s report. She originally set out to write a non-fiction work on the case but soon found herself piecing together the evidence and finding, what she believes, is proof of Dillon’s guilt. Dillion was a criminal and bootlegger who was chosen for that task by Hansen, who had been known to have been in a form of relationship with Elizabeth and was ludicrously jealous when she had other boyfriends.

Dillions psychopathic tendencies led to the murder being a horrifically gruesome mutilation.

“I didn’t expect I would be writing a book saying this is the killer.”

Piu said.

There is also a movie made after the murder of Elizabeth Short named The Black Dahlia.

September 27 2018, the day Tara Fares was found in Baghdad shot dead in her car.

Tara was a 22 year old Iraqi model, who was voted to be the beauty queen of Baghdad in 2013. Tara was also one of the most famous Iraqi stars on the social media sites, as she sparked a storm for a period of time due to the way she appeared publicly, which was considered too bold in the conservative Iraqi society. Her tragic murder look place in the middle of the capital Baghdad on the street while she was driving her car during the daytime ! Two unknown men on a motorcycle approached Tara’s vehicle and shot her six three times in the head. A group of gentlemen hurried to Tara’s car, moved her blood-covered body to the nearest hospital in hope to save her life.

Her murder was recorded on a surveillance camera that was inside a shop nearby, yet they still couldn’t identify the murderers.

Thursday august 14 1980, Dorothy Stratten the blonde beauty with ambition was gone.

The Dorothy Stratten murder facts where both heartbreaking and horrifying, as the 20 year old Playboy playmate model was raped, beaten and shot in the face. Dorothy and her husband Paul Snider where both found dead, nude and shot in the head.

Dorothy, was a teenager working at Dairy Queen when she met her husband Snider, who was nine years older than her. He bought her jewelry, cooked her dinner, and told her she was beautiful. Eventually, he convinced her to take nude photos, which were then sent to Playboy for consideration. Soon Dorothy was flying in a plane for the first time in her life, heading toward Los Angeles and a place in the Playboy family. Snider also controlled her finances, real estate and even determined who she’d need to sleep with to further her career.

“Sometimes I cried before I went to sleep,” Stratten wrote about staying at the Playboy mansion in a 16-page memoir that was publicly revealed after her death. “A lot of men were entering my life all of a sudden and a lot of them wanted me. No one was ever pushy or forceful but talk can be very powerful especially to a mixed-up little girl.”

As Dorothy’s fame was rising her biggest opportunity for acting came when director Peter Bogdanovich cast her in his comedy movie “They all Laughed” alongside Audrey Hepburn. While filming They All Laughed, Dorothy fell in love with the director Peter Bogdanovich. She moved into his hotel suite, and later when they returned to California, she joined him at his home in Bel Air, and the two had plans to get married. Dorothy then worked up the courage to tell her pimp of a husband Sinder she wanted a divorce. Dorothey subsequently ended her relationship with Snider with a letter claiming they were separated physically and financially, but she was willing to give him pretty much anything he wanted, because she still felt she owed her whole career to him. Unfortunately sinder had already knew about the affair and was not willing to accept it, he also bought a gun before he accepted to meet her a month later at his house to to discuss the divorce.

Dorothy’s nude body was on the floor covered in blood and ants, most of her face was missing from the gunshot blast, and clumps of hair where torn from her head ! Investigators determined that sinder had raped Dorothy, shot her in the face, and continued having sex with her dead body. After his brutal actions snider pointed the gun to his head and ended his life.

Peter Bogdanovich wrote a book called (The killing of the Unicorn: Dorothy Stratten 1960-1980).

(Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story 1981) the movie was also made about her death.

Judith Barsi the 11 year old actress, her success so crazed her father that he murdered her in jealous rage.

On July 25 1988, Judith’s father walked into her room while she was sleeping and shot her in the head, he then also shot Maria Barsi Judith’s mother in the head as she stood in the hallway. He left their bodies laying there for a couple of days as he wandered inside the house, Judith’s agent spoke to Jozsef who was Judith’s father at that time asking when he’d move out, the father answered by saying that he intended to move out for good, and he only wanted time to “to say goodbye to my little girl”. He also told the agent that a car had taken his wife and daughter away, after the conversation, he poured gasoline on Judith’s body along with her mothers and set them on fire. Then he went into the garage and shot himself in the head. Their neighbor Eunice Daly said she was shocked by the explosive noise and saw smoke rising from Barsi’s home.  She remembered his words when he threatened his wife constantly to cut her and her daughters throats and burn down the house. “He’s done it.  He’s killed them and set a fire in the house” the neighbor said. By the time fire fighters and first responders arrived, the interior of the home was destroyed. That is how the young star was murdered leaving behind a disturbing life inside her house hold, once Judith had confessed to a friend that her father threw pots and pans at her causing a nosebleed. He also told his little girl before they left for the Bahamas to film a movie “If you decide not to come back I will find you and I will cut your throat” as he held a knife to her neck. The more severe the abuse became, the more warning signs Judith was showing , the young star began to put on weight and her behaviour became very disturbing she even began to self harm. Judith began plucking out all of her eyelashes and even pulled out all of her cat’s whiskers.  After Judith broke down in front of her agent during a singing audition, her mother took her to a child psychologist. The psychologist quickly identified severe physical and emotional abuse as well as stating that Judith was very verbal about the ongoing abuse, and reported her findings to CPS.

Unfortunately no one tried hard enough to protect the young child, even when the signs were hard to ignore.

On June 13 1994, the German-American 35 year old actress Nicole Brown Simpson, was found dead in a pool of her blood in front of her home in California, along with her friend Ron Goldman a 25 year old American restaurant waiter.

Nicole was gruesomely stabbed seven times in the neck and scalp, and had a 140 mm long gash across her throat, she also had defense wounds on her hands. The suspect in her murder was her ex husband Orenthal James Simpson who was one of the most famous footballers in NFL during the 70’s. O.J met Nichole when she was a teenage waitress in Beverly Hills, and began having an affair with her while still married to his first wife. The couple got married in 1985, and had two children. In 1989, the glossy facade of a marriage started to fade. O.J. pleaded no contest to a charge of spousal abuse, and in 1992 Nicole filed for divorce. O.J.’s trial was so high profile because of how famous he was, and there wasn’t a case that has gripped America quite like O.J. Simpson’s murder trial for the death of his ex wife where the estimated viewers who watched the verdict where about 100 million viewers. The trial lasted 8 months, and included a strong amount of DNA evidence suggesting O.J.’s guilt. This included the blood found on O.J.’s car that matched the crime scene, Nicole’s blood on O.J.’s socks, and a bloody glove was found at his house. O.J.’s vehicle, was in police custody and was broken into the first in many strange and suspicious twists, other than when O.J was asked to try on the glove during trial, the glove did not fit. Prosecutors said that the amount of blood soaked into the glove had warped its shape, along with freezing and unfreezing it in the forensic process, to preserve the blood DNA. The case followed the Rodney King riots, and the lawyer bought the same race politics into the courtroom to suggest that O.J. had been set up by racist police.

O.J was found not guilty of the murder of his ex wife and Ron Goldman. However he served 9 years behind bars because he was found guilty of 10 gunpoint robbery charges and kidnapping, and was released on October 1, 2017.

Sameera Moussa, was an Egyptian nuclear physicist who was murdered in a malignant way in on August 5, 1952.

Sameera came from an environment of Egyptian customs and traditions that prevented women from working. However, her father sacrificed much of the prevailing traditions to stand beside his daughter until she completed her educational career and became the first Egyptian Atomic scientist. Sameera received a scholarship to study the science of the atom in the United States at The University of California, and responded to it. There, for the first time, she had the opportunity to research at the laboratories of the University of St. Louis, Missouri, and She sponsored the Atomic Energy for Peace International Conference under the name “Atoms for Peace” where many important scientists attended. She also worked to make the medical use of nuclear technology affordable to all, and was on the verge of manufacturing a cheap atomic bomb in Egypt.

“I have been able to visit the atomic laboratories in America and when I return to Egypt, I will provide my people with great services in this field, and I will be able to serve the cause of peace.”

Sameera Moussa

Before Sameera decided to go back to Egypt she received an invitation to visit a nuclear laboratory in in California. On the way, the car fell from a height of 40 feet, which killed her immediately. The mystery of the accident was that the invitation to the laboratory was shown to be untrue, and the car driver vanished by jumping out just before the car rushed down, which made some people believe it was a planned assassination. It was alleged afterwards that the Israeli Mossad was behind Sameera’s murder by the cooperation from Judeo-Egyptian actress Raqya Ibrahim. Israel was concerned about Sameera’s ambition, who was seeking to help Egypt own the atomic bomb, and manufacturing it at a small cost. Raqya who was close to Sameera at that time tried to offer her the US citizenship,to live in America and work in its factories.

When Sameera turned down the offer Raqya threatened her that she will face serious consequences. But Sameera who was a sad loss both to Egypt and the Arab Nation did not care for the threats and payed with her precious life.

Myeongseong was the 43 year old empress to Emperor Gwangmu, ruler of the Kingdom of Joseon which is Korea in the modern day.

On October 8 1985, the Geoncheonggung palace was invaded by Japanese assassins. The Empress Myeongseong was dragged by her hair out of her palace through her gardens by the Japanese assassins and was publicly stabbed many times, after the assassins verified that they have indeed killed Empress Myeongseong they poured gasoline on her body and lit it on fire. The assassination caused an outrage throughout Korea and many righteous armies arose in an effort to free Korea from foreign influence in such ways. The empress had encouraged and fostered a relationship with the Russians, consequently stunting Japanese influence within Korea. The Japanese government viewed the Empress as an obstacle to their designs on Korea, and Japanese efforts tried hard to remove the Empress from power but failed due to Gwangmu’s devotion to her. At that point the Japanese sympathizers within the Korean borders began plotting her assassination, but the order of her murder came from the Japanese minister in Korea.

The Eulmi Incident was the name given for the assassination, being one of the most tragic events in Korean history.

On November 23 2003, happened one of the ugliest murders that Egypt has ever seen and shocked all the art industry of the arab nation, the murder of the Tunisian singer Thekra Mohammad on the hands of her husband the Egyptian business man Ayman alswaidi.

After Ayman and Thekra had nice night out with their couple friends, Omar Alkhawli Aymans business manager and Omars wife Khadeeja Hafez, who was also Thekras business manager. They all returned back together to thekra and her husbands apartment. The maids who locked their selves in a room said that Ayman stared fighting with thekra then brought out a Machine gun and shot all the three of them ending with shooting himself in the head.

Around 11:00 am on November 4, 1982 Dominique’s heart stoped beating. It was widely held that her family pulled the plug on her life support equipment, but doctors continue to say that she never gained consciousness and simply died.

Dominique Dunne was a 22 years old American actress that was rehearsing a scene in her house, with fellow actor David Packer on the night of October 30, 1982. John Sweeney who was Dominique’s abusive ex boyfriend whom she broke up with, showed up that night at her door step wanting to talk. Leaving the chain fastened, Dominique cracked the door and spoke with him, but ended up following him to the drive way to talk privately away from her guest. David heard angry voices and loud smacking as John hit the window ledge with his open hand, then he heard two screams and a thud. David was frightened slipping out through the back door as he found Dominique laying unconscious in the driveway as John telling him to call the police and that he killed his girlfriend. John was violent and obsessed with Dominique as he tried so hard to control her life driving Dominique far and scared from him that she broke up with him several times but got back with him every time. “Don’t live for me,” she wrote in a letter she never sent him. “Live for yourself. You do not love me. You are obsessed with me. The person you think you love is not me at all. It is someone you have made up in your head. I think we only fight when images of me fade away and you are faced with the real me. The only man I am interested in is you, but we are not compatible. When we are good, we are great. But when we are bad, we are horrendous. The bad outweighs the good…The whole thing has made me realize how scared I am of you.” After a night when john tried to choke her to death while arguing, Dominique realized that he has come too far, and became dangerously out of control that he would kill her at any time. That’s when she escaped to her mothers house and ended things with him. The police arrived to the crime scene John raising both his hands up making it easy to arrest him. Dominique was rushed to the hospital but sadly her heart had come to a full stop when she arrived, machines had it started again, but there was no way to reverse the death of her brain. After five days, on Nov. 4, her family signed her off the life-support systems. Her heart stopped instantly.

John Sweeney was only convicted of involuntary manslaughter, and was sentenced to the maximum prison term of 6 and a 1/2 years.

Empress Elisabeth of Austria was assassinated in Geneva by an italian anarchist named Luigi Lucheni.

Empress Elisabeth who was known by Sissi suffered from serious mental illness and eating disorder, she also frequently spoke of suicide. She even turned to mediums and physics to help cure her illness. In 1889 her beloved son crown prince Rudolf was found dead along with his mistress, though both Rudolf and his mistress left notes before their murder-suicide pact but the circumstances surroundings their deaths remained a mystery and deepened Sissi’s sadness. She knew that the empire of Austria and Hungry would not last as Rudolf had no son the succession passed to Emperor Franz Joseph’s brother. Sissi avoided spending too much time at the Viennese Court. She always felt suffocated by the imperial protocol and by her mother-in-law because of that, she made a habit of traveling for long periods of time. As the years passed, her journeys became even longer and more frequent and after her daughter’s marriage in 1890, Sissi rarely spent more than a few weeks in Vienna. Sisi wandered across Europe and North Africa dressed in mourning black, she traveled aimlessly refusing police protection, longing for death saying “travel the whole world over…until I drown and am forgotten.” On September 10 1898, as Sissi and her companion Countess Irma Sztáray where walking on the river bank to get to the port to board the Genève ship to Montreux. Thee 25 year old Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni approached them and acted as if he had tripped and hurt Sissi to keep his balance. However, everything was a show, in order not to arouse the suspicion of the passing by. Nobody realised, not even the Sissi herself that Luigi had actually stabbed her in the chest. The Empress fell to the ground Irma aided the Empress to get to the ship, Sissi was taken aboard and laid on a bench. Irma opened her corset to make her breathe easily, yet Sissi lost her conscience again, after she came back for a few moments. Only then did the passengers notice a small blood stain in the chest area on the Empress’s clothes. When the captain knew who the woman really was he decided to turn the ship back to the port. Sissi was taken back to the hotel, but after a short while, she died due to internal bleeding. The doctors arrived too late as the triangular file took caused a deep wound inside Sissi’s chest injuring one of her lungs and heart. Franz Joseph was at the Hofburg in his study when he was announced via telegram of his wife’s death. His first thought was that Sissi had committed suicide, but after a more detailed telegram, did he understood that she had been assassinated. Luigi was an ex-Freemason, ex-valet to the Prince of Aragon and a railway worker. His original plan was to assassinate the Duke of Orleans pretender to the throne of France, who was supposed to be in Geneva at the same time. Yet, Luigi read in a newspaper that the Empress Sissi was in town at the Beau-Rivage Hotel and he decided she would be a better target. As he believed that all aristocrats were the same and they all deserved to die, and an empress is a far better target than a simple duke. Luigi was judged in October 1898, and his words where “I am an anarchist because of my convictions… I came to Geneva in order to murder a sovereign, in order to be an example to those who suffer and do nothing about their social status. It did not matter to me who the sovereign was. I did not hit a woman, but an empress;I had the Crown in mind.” When Luigi heard the testimonies about the personality of the woman he killed in the trial, he seemed to realise he chose the wrong person.He was sentenced to life imprisonment and in 1910, he committed suicide

Empress Elisabeth found even greater fame after her death , she become an icon and the subject of numerous books and films.

On November 30 1963, Karyn Kupcinet the 22 year old american stage, film and TV actress was found in her West Hollywood apartment dead naked lying face down on the couch.

The evening of November 27, Karyn went to her friends house Mark and Marcia Goddard where a dinner party was held. Her friends sensed how upset Karyn was as she showed signs of being under the influence of drugs. She also said an odd story while crying about finding an abandoned baby on her doorstep earlier that day, before she called the police to pick it up. She left the party around 8:30 PM. Karyn was romantically involved with actor Andrew Prine, but he refused to make the relationship exclusive and wished to date other women, Karyn became obsessed with the actor clinging to him and demanding his time and attention. In July 1963 Karyn became pregnant with Andrew’s child, and as the Goddards’ where close friends of Karyn they took her to Tijuana for an illegal abortion. When Andrew broke off the relationship Karyn began stalking him, she also broke into his apartment to wait for him and when he showed up with a date, she hid in the attic. Shortly afterwords she started sending him threatening letters. When Andrew confronted her about the letters, she lied and said that she had been receiving them as well. Three days passed since the party, and the Goddards’ haven’t heard from Karyn they decided to go check on her, when shockingly the door was unlocked and their friend was lying dead. Since Karyn had 13 bottles of prescription drugs in her medicine cabinet, the first belief was that she had committed suicide or suffered an accidental overdose. No rape test was done due to the technology of the day. Despite the fact that her apartment was all torn up showing a tremendous struggle, Karyn’s death was officially classified as a homicide when the coroner Dr.Harold Kade, discovered a broken hyoid bone in her throat, which seemed to indicate that Karyn was a victim of an apparent strangulation. The police found Karyns fingerprints on the the letters that where sent to Andrew along with the magazines she used to cut out words from. Which apparently showed that she had been sending the notes to herself and Andrew with the hope it would bring them back together. Cryptic handwritten notes with sentences like:“I’m no good. I’m not really that pretty. My figure’s fat and will never be the way my mother wants it. Why must I be so alone. What’s the use of living with nothing to believe in? There’s no GOD only phony motives, selfish egoists, selfless people, fat heads and drunks and I want out. I like President Kennedy, Bertrand Russell, Theodore Reiks, Peter O’Toole, Sydney J. Harris, Albert Finney” were also found inside her apparent. Andrew told the police that he had called Karyn at midnight after the party and that she shared with him the same story about finding an abandoned baby on her doorstep, but police had no record of such incident. Karyn had a downstairs neighbor actor David Lang , who was known as a heavy drinker, a womanizer that entered peoples’ apartments uninvited. A few days after Karyn’s death, he told a woman he’d killed Karyn, but then asserted that he was just joking around. When questioned by the police David said that he was out on a date with his girlfriend, actress Natalie Wood, who conformed his story. David said he returned home around 12:30, very drunk and fell asleep. Both Andrew and David were considered one-time suspects but no evidence linked them to the scene.

For years, Karyn’s parents believed that Andrew Prine murdered her, but her father Irv Kupcinet published a memoir in which he stated he no longer thought Andrew was responsible and believed that the David’s wealthy family had hired lawyers who blocked sheriff’s investigators from questioning him about the Murder. “We pretty much know who did it” Irv said “but unfortunately the police couldn’t come up with the physical evidence to charge him”. “We offered to hire a private detective,” Karyn’s mother Essee said.

“We even tried mystics. When you’re desperate, and your own daughter is involved.”

Karyn Kupcinet homicide remains unsolved to this day.

On July 24 1975, the 36 year old american TV and broadway actress Barbara Colby was shot senselessly and killed.

Barbra had finished teaching an acting class in L.A and was walking through the parking lot returning to her car with her friend actor James Kiernan where they were approached by two men in a van and both where shot. James was found on the crime scene clinging to life while Barbara was found dead with a bullet in her chest that entered her left lung. James was able to give the police brief details of their attackers before he died in the hospital that same day.

Neither Barbara nor her friend were robbed, highlighting the senselessness of the attack. Her case remains unsolved to this day.

Adrienne Shelly, the 40 year old American actress, director, and screen writer. Was found by her husband on November 1 2006, hanging from the neck by a bed sheet from a shower rod in the bath tub, of her square apartment than she used as an office in Manhattan.

Suicide is what the police suspected, it even looked like it, but Adrienne was a devoted mother to her 3 year old daughter and her career was thriving. Family members, friends, and some investigators were not easily convinced that Adrienne would have taken her own life. As New York City detectives investigated further, it was clear that this wasn’t a suicide but a homicide. Neighbors even started to fear there was a killer living among them. During the investigation a strange dusty boot print was found on the toilet lid of the bathroom where Adrienne was murdered, the strange footprint didn’t match any shoes in the Shelly home. During the time of the murder a floor down from Adrienne a construction of renovating an apartment was taking place and the floor was covered with gypsum dust. Five days later the police arrested Diego Pillco a 19 year old construction worker who’s boot print matched the one they found. Diego confessed to killing Adrienne, yet he said that robbing from her purse once she arrived home was his true motive, but when she caught him he covered her mouth to stop her screaming until he panicked and chocked her with the bed sheet. He also said that he staged her death by hanging her by the neck and making it look as if it was a suicide. Although investigative sources believe rape may have been an original motive as well, telling by the violence that followed.

Diego who is from Ecuador, South America, and is in the United States illegally, was sentenced to 25 years in prison and immediate deportation upon his release from prison.

Christa Tordy, was a 40 year old german actress who was murdered along with her husband.

Christa’s husband was Harry Liedtke, who was also a german actor that married her after she was divorced. The two actors where assassinated on April 28 1945, by the Soviet Red Army during its invasion on Germany in Would War II.

As you may not all know that the classification of stalking became a felony in California after the murder of 21 year old American actress Rebecca Schaffer.

On July 18 1989, Rebecca was tragically shot in the heart by a deranged fan in the doorway of her apparent. Her boyfriend at the time was Brad Silberling the writer and director of the 2002 movie “Moonlight Mile” he based the film on his own experience of her tragic death.

Her murderer, Robert John Bardo, was sentenced to life in prison.

Meenakshi Thapar, was a 26 year old Nepali bollywood actress, that was murdered on March 30 2012.

The star was abducted on March 14 for ransom under the impression that she belonged to a rich family. Amit Jaiswal and his girlfriend Preeti Surin where two actors that met Meenakshi on a movie set. After two months of knowing them they tricked her by saying that they had arranged an acting assignment for her in Gorakhpur and that she should accompany them there. They took her vigorously to Allahabad, strangulated her in a hotel room and sent messages from her phone to her mother asking the family to deposit Rs 15 lakh in her account. The family responded by only depositing Rs 30,000. The killers reacted by chopping Meenakshi’s head off instantly where it was only the next day of the abduction, her body was chopped into pieces and thrown in a water tank. The killers threw her head from a moving bus while traveling back to Mumbai. After disposing the body, the two kept her mobile phone and bank debit card with them and kept calling the family for ransom till April 2.

Amit and Preeti were arrested after the police found them in possession of Meenakshi’s sim card and mobile phone. The killers later confessed to the police that they strangled her, and where both sentenced to life imprisonment.

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Have you ever felt like you just want to escape . . . Escape life ?

Just for a little bit ?

This is a short list for what you will need to enjoy this life and give to yourself :-

1. Take 15 minutes or so to experience and take in nature. 🍂🍃

2. Balance work, family and recreation. All of these combined create your wholeness. ⚖️💛

3. You need one full day each week from the responsibilities of everyday life to renew and re-egenerize. 🔇⏸ 🗓

4. People are different from each other, and we need the differences to make an effective world. 🌈☮️

5. Be kind to yourself. Celebrate your life and your possibilities; by helping others, you are helping yourself.🤝

6. Reframe your perceptions. You can truly see a bright world if you so chose.🔍🌅

7. As long as you have fear, you cannot love. Learn to let go of fear.👊🏽

8. Experience the present moment. Do not allow the past to contaminate it.🙌🏽☺️

9. Don’t look back with regret; don’t look forward with fear; look around with awareness. 🔛🔵✋🏽

10. Find the funny side of life. Learn to laugh at yourself and with others.😝💕

This article was influenced by the work of another author.


Human Rights In Islam 

Islams view to the human 
Islam looks at the human in a lofty manner in which he is honored and exalted. He says: “And We have certainly honored the children of Adam and carried them on the land and sea and provided for them of the good things and preferred them over much of what We have created, with [definite] preference.” [Al-Isra: 70]. This view has made human rights in Islam have certain characteristics; the most important of which is the universality of these rights, they are political, economical, social and intellectual . They are also general to all individuals; Muslims or non-Muslims, without distinction between color, sex, language or religion, not irrevocable or irreplaceable, because it is connected to the teachings of the Lord of the Worlds.

The prophet Mohammed peace be upon him and the and the human rights 

The words of the prophet Mohammed the Messenger of Allah are the best witness to honoring humans and respecting their rights. In the farewell speech which was a comprehensive report on human rights he said god blessings and peace upon him: “Your blood , your wealth , and your honor, are scared to you , as scared as this land , in this month , on this day.” This prophetic speech confirmed a number of rights, the most important of which are: the inviolability of blood, money, and symptoms, among others.
We also find that the prophet Mohammed magnifies the human self in general; protecting the self in its greatest rights which is the right to live. When the prophet Mohammed was asked about the major sins he said: “Associating anything with Allah (god) and killing the soul “. The general word of the soul came to include any wrongly killing soul.
The prophet Mohammed went even further when he protected human life from the human himself, by forbidding suicide he said: “Whoever throws himself down from a mountain and kills himself will be throwing himself down in the Fire of Hell for ever and ever. Whoever drinks poison and kills himself will be sipping it in the Fire of Hell for ever and ever. Whoever kills himself with a piece of iron will have that iron in his hand, thrusting it into his belly in the Fire of Hell for ever and ever.”
Islam has also forbid any act that detracts from the right to live, whether it is intimidation, insult, or beating, prophet Mohammed said : “God tortures those who torture people in this world “. 
The Human rights as they are initiated by the prophet Mohamed 


1- The right to equality of people
 The Prophet Mohammed emphasized the right of equality among all people; between individuals and groups, between races and peoples, between rulers and governed, and between governors and parishes, there are no restrictions or exceptions, no difference in legislation between Arab and non Arab, and between white or black, the only difference between people is by how close they are to allah (god), Prophet Mohammed said: “O people you have one god and one father. All of you are descended from Adam and Adam was created from dust. In the sight of God, the most noble of you is the most pious”.

2- The right of justice
The right to equality is linked to another right, which is justice, and this is what prophet Mohammed taught his companions and his nation. He said peace be upon him: “The Judges are of three types, one of whom will go to Paradise and two to Hell. The one who will go to Paradise is a man who knows what is right and gives judgment accordingly; but a man who knows what is right and acts tyrannically in his judgment will go to Hell; and a man who gives judgment for people when he is ignorant will go to Hell “

3- Freedom of religion 
One of rights initiated by Islam and confirmed by the prophet Mohammed is the right of freedom of belief , and that from the verse the prophet said : “no compulsion in religion” . In the conquest of Makkah, the Prophet did not force Quresh to convert to Islam, despite his ability and victory, but he said to them: “Go, you are free”.

4- The right of opinion and thinking
The Prophet Mohammed respected the opinion of others and encouraged them, what happened in one of the best witness to that; where the Prophet went with the opinion of the young who were the majority who preferred to go out to meet Quraysh outside the city, and this opinion was contrary to his opinion. 

5- The right of sponsorship 
In a unique right to the legislation of the Messenger of Allah which is not addressed by a system of status and not characterized to be one of the human rights – comes the right of sufficiency, meaning that everyone living within the Islamic state gets enough of the components of life; to live a decent life, Of living, which differs from the subsistence level described by the status systems, which means the minimum standard of living. 

And this right of sufficiency is achieved by work, if the individual is enable then the Zakat will fill this deficit, if Zakat failed to fill the adequacy of the needy comes the state budget to pay this enough, and he said stressing this right: “No one who believes in me could sleepsatisfied if his neighbor is hungry to his side, and he knows about him “.

And he also said praising :“The Ash’ariis if widowed in the invasion, or the food of their children got fewer they would gather what they had in one garment, and then divide them in one pot by the level, they are me and I am among them”. 

Thus, the prophet Mohammed was the first leader and the greatest sponsor of human rights, and his message, which he carried to all the worlds a human message, which included all rights related to a person as a human being.